the exhibition formerly known as “Trace Image”
Deborah Schamoni, Munich, DE
September 9 - October 29, 2022

Deborah Schamoni hosting O-Town House, Los Angeles

with Juliette Blightman, Owen Fu, João Gabriel, R.I.P. Germain, Constantin Nitsche, Elizabeth Ravn, Adam Stamp, and Sarah Szczesny

Together, Deborah Schamoni and O-Town House are pleased to present The exhibition formerly known as „trace image“. The show was initially conceived as an exploration of artistic practices located between presence and absence via works that probe strategies of art-making which exploit or obscure the notion of the body (or: figure) through various devices of abstraction. However, as the conversations with the artists of The exhibition formerly known as „trace image“ developed, the exhibition began to tell its own story. Both Deborah Schamoni and Scott Cameron Weaver operate their exhibition spaces from their homes. These very particular and intimate settings facilitate yet- undiscovered conversations and expose a new language for time-honored binaries with a unique kind of storytelling.
Patent Office Eingang, 2021
oil on canvas
90 x 70 cm

Sunday Poses,
oil on canvas
80 x 100 cm

Self Portrait,
oil on canvas
40 x 40 cm
She thinks it’s a treat,
oil on canvas
70 x 60 cm

photos by Ulrich Gebert