Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard / Elizabeth Ravn, Anna M. Szaflarski, Nigin Beck, Sayuri Chetti, Stephanie Comilang,
Zora Mann, Philip Wiegard, Bob Kil, The Society for Matriarchal World Domination (featuring Selin Davasse & Zoë Claire Miller)

Merzbau-Garten is a collaborative project which is growing over the course of three modules by combining the work, concepts and labor of various Berlin-based artists, writers, and designers. Inspired in part by Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau, the space at Kinderhook & Caracas is organically accumulating architectural interventions, art works and plant life over the course of the year, meanwhile manifesting in a parallel, non-linear publication with contributions from all of the participants. A program of encounters accompanies the physical exhibition.

Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin, DE
July 16 - August 14, 2021